Ziggy Rafiq Software Specialist Consultant

Ziggy Rafiq has over solid 15 years plus experience leading as a Technical Lead Developer using ASP.net, C#, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, JavaScript/jQuery, TypeScript, ASP.net Core, SQL, Entity Framework Core, Angular, React, Vue and Agile Kanban/Scrum.

Ziggy Rafiq Current Career Path Plan

Currently, Ziggy Rafiq is looking at a Solution Architecture Career path and exploring AWS and Azure Cloud technologies and is currently working on CSS Framework name Genius, which can be found on Ziggy Rafiq GitHub Profile.

Ziggy Rafiq is currently undergoing design and development changes for his websites, which are as following.


This is the current website, which Ziggy Rafiq is designing and developing using ASP.net Core MVC with .Net 5. ZiggyRafiq.com Website will be a portal type website, where you will be able to find Demo Projects, Design and Development Articles, more information about Ziggy Rafiq.


Zaheer-Rafiq.com website will be a single page website, which will showcase Ziggy Rafiq Articles, Demo Projects, Reviews and further information about Ziggy Rafiq. For the record Zaheer Rafiq is Ziggy Rafiq and by birth Ziggy Rafiq was named Zaheer Rafiq.


FindZiggy.co.uk Website will be a single page website, with serverless technologies used to generate the site content and to showcase Ziggy Rafiq Demo Projects, Articles, Reviews and information. Currently, FindZiggy.co.uk Website is a mockup and waiting for further development.