Ziggy Rafiq Full-Stack Desginer and Developer

About Ziggy Rafiq

Graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in BA Hon’s in Interactive Multimedia Communication, I have gained over 15 years + experience in the IT industry along with 15 years + of Microsoft .net Development using C# as main languages and VB.net as a secondary language. I have worked for a different type of companies developing my design, programming and database administration skills. This experience has been at all stages of systems implementation, from requirements gathering to the management and prioritisation of defects.

I specialise in ASP.net Core MVC(C#) ,ASP.NET (C#) MVC/WebForms, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, XML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Classic ASP (VB) development alongside MS SQL Server administration, MSMQ Microsoft Message Queues but have a wide knowledge of other areas of I.T.

I am currently Self Study Microsoft Visual 2019, ASP.net Core (MVC), AWS Cloud and Python. Currently working on a demo project Ziggy CRM, which is on my GitHub Account: https://github.com/ziggyrafiq/ziggycrm using Microsoft.net Framework 4.8 with ASP.net MVC, Entity Framework, Ms SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (JavaScript).

I am also currently drafting out blog post and articles on ASP.net MVC, ASP.net Core, C# and jQuery for my blog site, which is blog.ziggyrafiq.com and for publishing articles on LinkedIn. I am also recording videos on ASP.net MVC, ASP.net Core, C# and jQuery, which are aimed to help other developers around the world and as I am aiming at getting Microsoft MVP Award for ASP.net Core and C#. I am in process of releasing articles, blog posts, video logs on ASP.net MVC, ASP.net Core and C# along with JavaScript, jQuery.